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How Digitalzone Helped a Renowned Hospitality Brand Serve its Millennial Clients Better

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The Overview:

A millennial customer, no matter for which industry is often termed as ‘difficult to please’ or ‘has unrealistic expectations.’ However, most businesses don’t even try to analyze what a millennial customer may want or decipher his views before forming an opinion. In fact, if one can think like them and then try to understand their reaction to things, it can be a completely different scenario!

Digitalzone Business Consulting came forth to address the issue.

The Challenge:

Understanding the millennial customer here was the key challenge. The next step involved actually taking some much-needed steps to understand their needs and get one step closer to delivering services that would please them. This was never going to be possible without having an in-depth understanding of what the millennial customer thinks like. Once this was figured, the next step involved getting the knowledge to people in the hospitality sector to make their operations easier. Oracle, the company here that had worked to prepare the white paper, focused primarily on the millennial customer and their efforts were targeted at making hotel operations easy.


Digitalzone Business Consulting instantly knew upon reading the white paper that this is a major issue and it is not only hotels but restaurants, bistros, diners and all the small establishments that come under ‘the hospitality sector.’ A key understanding also led to acknowledge the very fact that the white paper was especially targeted at understanding the ‘tech-savvy’ millennials – one of the main aspects when a millennial customer is considered.

The Campaign:

The entire campaign was designed in a structured format, easy-to-understand and in a way that the core point got through. However, a few important ones were also retained in the original white paper itself so people would go ahead and download the main document to read the entire paper. Although the campaign designed by Digitalzone Business Consulting was simple, it was put together in an attractive format and other vitals relating to the hospitality industry were also included.


Once Digitalzone Business Consulting identified the nature of the campaign, the company’s intention and a raw idea of the clients that we would target, the picture got clearer. We decided to go forth with email marketing as our preferred mode of reaching the clients and spreading the word for Oracle. This medium would also help us to share the campaign along with the crucial white paper.

The Result:

Digitalzone Business Consulting proved to make the campaign a grand success! Although Oracle here was the key identifier and struck an important loophole in hospitality, the manner in which it was acknowledged and put together into a campaign and then rightly targeted to the essential companies across the globe was vital.

The entire campaign thus proved to be a massive success and it surpassed the expectations laid down by Oracle. Going ahead, we are certain that many more campaigns are sure to come our way that will make many obstacles, across many industries, a whole lot better.


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