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Why do webinars work?

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Webinars are the hottest trend all over the world and to keeping yourself updated on these is the best thing to grow as a marketer. With webinars, it gets easy to absorb content and matter, is easy to follow and likewise to implement too. In fact, if there is any new aspect that needs to be conveyed to your employees or your clients, you can do the same with the help of a good webinar! Along with making these aspects essentially simple, webinars go a step ahead in getting you recognized in the industry too. If your webinar strategy is strong, you may ask other marketers to sign up and then view them at a specific time when you go live. A lot of marketers also host paid webinars where along with the speaker, the listeners can ask him questions and then he addresses them.

To make and understand why webinars actually work, we went through quite a few and took note of everything right they were doing. Here is a list of things you need to keep an eye out for if you are on the journey of making webinars your thing.

Key findings of the case study:

1. 30-45 minutes is all it takes to make the webinar a hit:

Not going too overboard and yet not cutting your webinar too short should be the idea in mind when focusing on the time-length of it. For most webinars, keeping it between 30 to 45 minutes is ideal. This is an apt amount of time because people will not feel the need to get up in between for some other work or worse, leave it halfway (that can happen in case of longer ones). However, if that is the scenario, dividing it into two parts is a wise decision.

2. Keep your patience while working on webinars:

On an average, people view 1 webinar a week; hence it is important to keep the game up while you play on getting more sign-ups. In the meantime when you are not hosting a webinar, focus on aspects like time, topics, questions, interaction and so on. Getting all the small things right will hit on the main goal – a successful webinar!

3. Focus on the time of the day:

Mornings are the most ideal time to host a webinar – people are not burdened with work, they will remember about the webinar as soon as they step into work, not too many meetings are scheduled in the morning and so on. However, depending on the people/industry being targeted, this can be monitored and changed accordingly.

4. Always keep the webinar live and interactive:

A webinar where along with the speaker the listeners can also speak to clear doubts, address questions and voice their opinions about certain things makes for a much better outcome for everyone. In this case, a lot of information comes through by the end that proves helpful to all.

5. Your passion will show through the webinar:

Being passionate about the things you will be talking about makes a huge difference! Since webinars aren’t written down and presented or sent across in print and people actually see you and listen to how you speak, being passionate will definitely make it more interesting. Make sure to boost curiosity and draw attention as you speak.

6. Reminder emails are a big deal:

Reminder emails go a really long way! With so many deadlines, targets and meetings, those who have signed up will easily forget if not reminded about it. Send it 2-3 times and more when the date comes closer, this will also show that you mean serious business.


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