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Is Pinterest really useful in B2B Marketing?

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Over the years, companies have taken to social media to up their game. Why? Because it is easy, allows you to cater to the targeted audience, location no bar, is cheap, user-friendly and of course, gets you the best ROI in every aspect. With social media for B2B marketing being seen on such highs, it is very important for marketers to keep up because of the huge number of competition.

One such platform is Pinterest. Although Pinterest for B2B marketing is not something that B2B marketers swear by, it is one of the most popular ones available today and definitely something to look forward to in the future as well! Pinterest in the simplest sense allows users to share and discover new categories of their interest with the help of pictures and videos. In Pinterest, users are supposed to ‘pin’ posts to their collection and they can also browse others pins. The pins are categorized under different groups for ease of finding and the coming ones get added in the same manner. As far as numbers go, Pinterest had 175 million monthly active users in 2017 and the numbers are only expected to rise!

If you’re new, these Pinterest tips are the best way to proceed:

1. Work on visual content/infographics:

Most marketers work on Pinterest strategies with a view to growing their network and be seen. Since Pinterest is so high on visual, one can drive the traffic using Pinterest in the same manner. Use plenty of original images and infographics to get your company offerings across to the interested audience.

2. Build a relationship with the client or customer:

One of the best tips to Pinterest marketing is working on a way to connect with the end user. This is not only giving out content that works for the company but analyzing their requirement and interest and channeling it in the same way. This way the company growth and audience-reaching capability is much better.

3. Present solutions:

In order to generate a lead with Pinterest for B2B marketing, it is first necessary to work on solutions. Try to understand the gap in today’s industry and work to fill it by showcasing it in the pins that you post on Pinterest. If you find more people relating to the ideas or solution, it can actually work as a cue for the company to take it up further.

4. Generate leads by engaging the audience:

With audience-engagement, a powerful connection can be formed, something that is best done through social media only. Once you have built an audience on Pinterest, work on your requirements i.e. generating leads from it. This can be done with many different means and depending on the results, can then be taken outside of Pinterest.

5. Drive the traffic to your website:

Possibly one of the best things you can do via Pinterest is to use it to boost the traffic on the website. Amongst all the B2B marketing trends, this one will have you literally kill two birds with one stone! This Pinterest growth hack for B2B marketing works when you have interested Pinterest users who show interest in your pins and then re-pin them to their boards.


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