Salesforce Launches the Datorama Marketplace

Salesforce Launches the Datorama Marketplace for Businesses to Enhance Marketing

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The cloud-based pioneer Salesforce has launched the Datorama marketplace that will allow businesses to create and use apps for powerful insights on Marketing.  This will also help the marketers to measure performance of a campaign and budget it accordingly.

Salesforce acquired AI-powered marketing intelligence Datorama for $800 million last year to bolster its own marketing cloud. The purpose of this marketplace is to help marketers better understand campaign performance giving them the opportunity to dig in and evaluate what is working and what is not because guessing game doesn’t work anymore, effective marketing requires facts. The Datorama marketplace offers deep insights which can help marketers sculpt their future campaigns to achieve higher success.

Marketers have trouble measuring performance as they use multiple channels to market their products and services. The launched marketplace will in fact streamline processes by amalgamating all the crucial data into one place.

According to Jay Wilder, head of product marketing at Datorama-“ Datorama simplifies how marketers can discover and implement new marketing solutions, giving them the ability to expand into new data sources, areas of measurement, reporting and insights – all with immediate time to value”. The company is launching 14 apps in June this years to help businesses enhance marketing strategies and overall efforts. These apps are created by big companies including Pinterest and AppNexus (AT&T). This signifies a huge digital marketing move by Salesforce.


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