Salsify’s New Partnership with SellPoints Expands Enhanced Content Capabilities

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Salsify, a leading name in product experience management has entered in a new partnership with SellPoints, a ConversionPoint Technologies. The recent collaboration will now enable brands to publish rich multimedia content across an array of platforms or retailers. Brands or individuals will now be able to leverage SellsPoints Technology and upgrade their retail product pages and syndicate content to an extensive group of retail buyers. SellPoints is an e-commerce platform that enables brands to optimize, engage, inform and inspire their customers through interactive content experiences.

Recent research shows that targeted, interactive content has proven to generate an increase in add-to-cart rates by an average of 24%. Also, shoppers have spent 57% of their time above the fold. SellPoint helps you differentiate your product detail page with the help of Story Points and it, therefore, engages the users with your informative content.

“In order for brands to convert more product page views into leads, they need to provide consumers with more engaging, multimedia-rich content. Something that instills trust and exhibits a product’s value based on what a consumer actually cares about,” said Rob Gonzalez, EVP of Strategic Marketing at Salsify. “This collaboration with SellPoints enables companies using Salsify to more readily rise to this challenge, giving them a number of ways to create and roll out captivating, interactive product page elements across many important retailers.”

Salsify deals with a lot of renowned online retailers such as Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Staples and many others. The users can now take advantage of this powerful combination of e-commerce marketing capabilities when selling products through their online retailers. On the other hand, SellPoints strongly believes great product stories sell products and the partnership with Salsify is here to prove exactly that.

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