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The Best-Known Secrets of Video Marketing

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It’s unlikely that in today’s day and age one must not have heard about video marketing. While digital marketing has been in our lives for quite some time now, videos are the newer trend. However, looking at it for the past 3 years, we can proudly say that it has more than evolved. Today, check out any multinational company’s website and it is guaranteed to have some kind of video content on it. If not the website, at least their social media will.

The rise of video marketing was seen roughly a year back, however, it has been known by marketers for a good period now. The recognition happened only when posts and regular feed started seeing a decline and the primary reason behind it was that lives started getting busier, more companies stemmed and started using digital marketing and more people too – all this, in the end, led only to one thing: lack of time. With this, people started scrolling through posts, blogs, and articles without even spending a second to look at it and this posed another challenge to digital marketers – it roughly gave them a second or two to capture the interest of the audience before another brand swept in. In this scenario, videos played BIG. Why? Because more than reading, it was simply looking at feed and listening, that’s all. Hence, video marketing rose like never before and today we are at crossroads where if you’re not doing video marketing, you’re not doing much.

For every beginner in the field, here are some quick secrets; take a look:

  1. Lead with the story:

The Golden Rule here is “concentrate on the value you’re providing for your customers.” So many brands lose the main focus of video content – the story. By diverging from the story you want to portray to the sale, you only lose your customers, so don’t be that person. To make sure your product/service does not get hidden by a strong video, add a call-to-action button or think of a small but noticeable manner in which you can promote your product quickly.

  1. Make it worth their time:

Did you know that 1/5th of viewers click away from a video within 10 seconds or less? The reason? Most videos are long, uninteresting, not interactive or most importantly, keep the important message for the end! When someone takes time to watch your video, know that you have been given this opportunity amongst millions of others. To make the best of it, get to the point immediately. A video could be an hour long and fail to convey the right message while a 10-minute video may do the same effortlessly!

  1. Add a creative touch:

Be humorous, witty and different. People don’t watch videos that tell them the same thing they learn at work. They watch them have a laugh, get a break when things get monotonous or simply distract their mind. By getting creative and doing things that others aren’t, you might just hit the jackpot with video marketing! Even though this may not fit into your idea of promoting your products, try to include a glimpse of them while doing the funny bits and there, not sales-y, hilarious and it will definitely grab attention!

  1. Optimization should be your best bud:

Nothing big works out without the right SEO support, including videos. Do a comprehensive SEO study on what can help you rank on those pages and then use it to your advantage. The stress out here is on the content bit – play with keywords and well-written matter to help get you noticed. Promoting videos without SEO is like working without a team – it will take a long, long time to get there. Work skillfully on SEO descriptions, fill in those Google boxes and see how fast you go!

  1. Research, educate and prove it:

Studies state that 65% of your audiences are visual learners. Video content is the strongest when you need to learn something new since it is not easily forgotten by the mind. Hence, use videos to teach your audience. You can choose to teach them how to use your products or services, about your company or anything relevant to your industry. Similarly, a webinar can also be arranged to get good responses.

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