Strategies for a Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your product and services. It has to be an integral part of marketing strategies for all businesses regardless of the size and a key element when it comes to designing marketing strategies. It is pretty evident that email marketing is here to stay and businesses should leverage it to maximize their profits.

Why email marketing is paramount? Look around, most people use emails. Majority of marketers believe that email marketing is the most substantial channel and surpasses all other channels when it comes to ROI. Here is how you can deliver a perfect marketing campaign-

Before you even start designing your email marketing campaigns, you should be very clear with the goals and what all you expect out of that email marketing campaign.  Once you understand the goals of your campaign, CTA and personalization are first on the list. A compelling email has a relevant CTA option. The CTA has to be germane and fitting, it should help accomplish the goal of the email which can be either transactional or promotional. A personalized email on the same line can strikingly outperform a generic one. Humans have an innate desire to feel special and your customers are no different.  When you get an email with your name rather than *dear member*, you are far more likely to open it and even respond to it positively. The subject line should be intelligible but not dull. Think about what makes you open an email and try recreating it as per your subject and matter of relevance. Try to keep it as short as possible. Also do not employ clickbait as the opening rate is not the only thing to focus on, the ultimate goal is CTA and conversions.

Another factor that decides the success of your campaign is sending it at the right moment. It’s highly important to send the right emails to the right people at the right time. The right time to send an email is highly contentious but with time you can just gauge what time works the best for your marketing campaigns. The best time to send emails depends on your audience. You can either figure out yourself what timings are working and what are not or you can take the assistance of various software that specialize in the same.

The content of your email has to be communicative and engaging.  If it cannot engage readers, it won’t be able to persuade them to take an action later. The content in your emails has to be craftily designed. Include visual content like images and videos but make sure they are relevant.  Your subject line is categorically the most crucial element of email marketing because that is what precisely determines if your email is going to be opened or not. The subject line has to be appealing and pertinent. If it evokes emotions, it is more likely to be opened.

Segment your mailing list to make the campaign more targeted for better results.  Segmentation leads to better personalization and eventually effective targeting that brings the results you are looking for. It helps because when you have groups that are in different stages or different types, the wrong message can prove to be ineffective and all efforts go in vain. For example if you are targeting people who have used your product once and the ones who have never used it, the same message might not work for both of them and it is better to frame a different message for each group.

Once you have done the segmentation, incorporate drip marketing in your email marketing campaigns. The other factors that matter are how easy it to subscribe, sign up and similar actions that your CTA demands. For instance, the harder it is to subscribe, the more people you would lose at this point. Use A/B testing to test your email marketing strategies for subject lines, CTAs, content, etc.  It’s better to always test it and then go ahead with it rather than finding out later that it did not work effectively or something was missing. It also helps you refine your marketing campaigns.

Mobile optimization is crucial because more and more people have started checking their emails on the phone. Your emails must be optimized for mobile users for enhancing results. Try automating emails to save time and avoid manual errors. Try telling a story and make it look like a conversation. Emails that tell a short story are the ones that get the job done without aggressive selling and thrusting your opinion on someone. It is making them realize subtly they want to do what you want them to do. Incorporate gamification in your marketing campaigns. It will result in enhanced engagement, brand loyalty, more conversions and eventually higher ROI.

Email marketing analytics is what helps you design smarter campaigns. It’s not a sheer email, it is a highly effective marketing tool. Measure your success with parameters like open rate, CTR, bounce rate, opt-out rate, social shares, referral traffic and growth as well as conversion rate. For example open rate gives an idea about how persuading your subject line was. The bottom line is to keep the barriers to minimum and to have engagement at every point of contact with your audience.  Show them you care and they will care about you, make it a win-win.


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