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Creativity in Marketing: How Out-Of-The-Box Ideas and a Creative Approach Can Help Resonate With Your Target Audience

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Being a creative marketer is obviously not everybody’s cup of tea. Some companies may look at it as “being overly friendly with the client, a high level of informality” and so on. However, those who look it in the way it is supposed to be, understand that being creative is less of making the client feel uncomfortable or coming across as a “small firm” and more of focusing towards what the person in question wants. It does take a lot for a firm to go all out, add a spark through creativity and come across as people who don’t do things following a rule-book. And once that is mastered – there are no bounds to what you can do to make creativity your best mark!

So to speak, becoming a creative individual isn’t something that one can learn but more of training your mind to think differently. When it comes to being creative, there is no step of rules that you can abide by since creativity comes naturally, however, there definitely are some things that can be done to make creativity stand out –

1. Think differently:

To be creative, you must be different. If there is a particular way of doing things on your mind, it will be difficult to take on the “creativity target” instantly. The journey can be made easy by allowing your mind to focus on things you normally do not do in a certain way. Think different – think beyond.

2. Take inspiration from everyday things:

Creativity doesn’t require an individual to go on a trip or have an out-of-the-world experience! The main objective here is to be inspired anyway. This means taking time to get inspired by things that come in your way every day, your workplace, family, friends and so on. Once you find your muse, creativity will come naturally.

3. Take out time to listen rather than talk:

Most people lose out on the best things because they are too busy talking than listening to what is happening around them. Every conversation you have will teach you something different if you have the ear to listen to it. Train your mind to listen and absorb rather than talk and do.

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4. Be motivated to do things that may sound odd:

Drive motivation from the simplest of things and most easily from yourself. Look where you started out, where you are today and what you look for in the years to come. This motivation to become better and more creative will not wear out if directed properly.

5. Keep trying:

Creativity comes from trying and trying, failing and then trying some more. The more you do, the better you get at things. Try out different methods, ideas and viewpoints and mark the return you get on all. Only once you’re confident go ALL IN.

6. Think from a consumer’s viewpoint:

No matter how creatively you do something, it won’t matter if it doesn’t sell. And how would you know if it sells? Think from a buyer’s point of view and you’ll get the answers! Once you target that, you’ll know how to spread your creative instincts in the right directions.


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