Terminus, the leading ABM Platform Names “Best Online Chat Solution” at Martech Breakthrough Awards Program

Terminus, the leading ABM platform, built to deliver more revenue to the B2B businesses was named “Best Online Chat Solution” at Martech Breakthrough Awards Program.

Market Breakthrough is a market intelligence organization that recognizes top companies that come up with powerful technologies to help the market succeed.

Terminus chat solutions are the first and the only chat solution available specifically to ABM platforms.

These chat experiences help B2B marketers deploy real-time, personalized conversations at the exact moment when the buyer is showing interest.

These chat experiences help you create a seamless experience by connecting the most appropriate rep for the current sales activity.

The platform intelligently collects visitor’s data and trigger sales automation in real-time. Users can build an account list and run chat-based campaigns.

Terminus also allows users to create customized experiences for their clients and create an unmatched, user-friendly journey for visitors.

“Terminus Chat Experiences is the only conversational marketing solution purpose-built for ABM,” said Justin McDonald, GM of Channel Applications for Terminus. “What marketer doesn’t want to convert more website visitors? Native to Terminus, Chat Experiences creates a flywheel of first-party data and account personalization, which is critical to conversion and closing revenue. It’s an honor to receive this award by MarTech Breakthrough and I consider it a testament to the power of chat as a powerful engagement channel in multi-channel ABM.”

In simple terms, a native chat solution is a game-changer for ABM strategies. Since it primarily includes personalized targeting to drive organizational revenue. The best thing is that the solution is inexpensive and can be easily integrated with the current ABM strategy.

About Terminus

Terminus is an account-based marketing platform build to deliver more revenue through effective sales pipeline initiatives. It’s a multiple-channel platform, where it collects data from third-party platforms, understands customer intent, and connects it with suitable channels including ads, chat, email, and web.

Here are some of their recent achievements

  • A 1600 percent increase in sales conversations
  • More than 3.5 million target account specified
  • A 3x increase in leads for their clients
  • A 42 percent increase in sales accepted leads
  • More than 80% increase in close rates.

Martech Breakthrough Award Program

Martech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence, and recognition platform to reward global technologies. The award is devoted to honoring technology, marketing, and sales. It’s a platform to give recognition to leading technology and marketing breakthroughs.


Terminus, the ABM platform has really taken a notch up for other ABM platforms with the chat-based feature. The solution is practical and inexpensive to implement.

Martech breakthrough was right in honoring this amazing feature unique to ABM platforms. 

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