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The benefits of mobile marketing for small businesses in 2018

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At a time when mobile marketing was not even heard of, marketing in all other forms was very active! Today, the game has changed and slowly everything is getting focused towards mobile marketing in spite of so many options! The concept of mobile marketing is not new to us. We often browse, check websites and social media sites, log into different portals and watch clips and small videos. Thus, in all this, we come across marketing and advertisements in multiple forms. Some may get our attention to a large extent while in some cases the proximity may not be as much. However, whatever the situation, it is known to stimulate attention in the best way and in the shortest possible time because everyone is constantly hooked to a mobile phone!

Going ahead from here, it is only expected that the use of mobile phones will increase drastically. What this will do is obviously improve mobile marketing too, to a considerable level! To push mobile marketing to better usage, advertisements, posts and other mediums of reaching the targeted audience through this type of marketing is now being looked at.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mobile marketing and why it is crucial for small businesses in 2018:

1. Easy on the pocket:

Unlike other types of marketing that may require you to shell a huge load of money on big advertisements and campaigns, mobile marketing is comparatively pretty cheap! A quick SMS or two, a small post circulated through a free platform like WhatsApp or something shared on social media which again is free. Mobile marketing thus makes for the cheapest marketing platform!

2. Efficiency:

Mobile marketing is very efficient! Studies say that over 90 percent of mobile phone owners read every SMS they receive. This figure is huge and shows just how vast mobile marketing can be if done right. It also means that this type of marketing is very effective in reaching out to people and your efforts over time are seldom going to be wasted.

3. Reach only those you want:

With mobile marketing, you do not end up putting in time and effort to reach a large audience, some of whom may not be interested in the product. You can easily gather names and phone numbers of the concerned list of people and then go ahead to send them promotional content via SMS etc. In this way, you save a good amount of time too and the results are comparatively better.

4. Best and timely results:

With mobile marketing, there is almost no waiting. Send an SMS or publish it on social media and you are bound to receive a response almost immediately. This response also comes directly to you instead of going through another medium, thus makes it easy to keep a track at the same time.

5. Long-term relationship establishment:

Use mobile marketing to reach out to your customers at any time and even while doing something else! Due to this feature, you do not necessarily have to devote a great deal of time and attention. Thus, even after completion, you can stay in touch to help them with post-service assistance etc. that will only add to the goodwill factor and help grow your business very easily.

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