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The shift of Instagram Entrepreneurs to Nano Influencer

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In the world of social media, the trends today are majorly influenced by intermediaries. These links in the between serve as a liaison for a successful business. Digital and even traditional entrepreneurs have now come to realize the importance of influencers. It may be very difficult to keep a track of the ever-changing necessities of social platforms and the new fads that come up every day. Individual businesses find it a tedious task to then perform interest based reach. That is when influencer marketing comes in.

Every influencer has a community of followers. For example, people who like fashion follow fashion influencers, people who are interested in traveling follow travel bloggers, individuals interested in fitness may keep a track of a fitness ideal for new workout regime or diet ideas. That is how these communities benefit a private business. Be it product or service, every sector has an ideal figure that people follow.

Wondering who exactly is a nano influencer? Individuals with a follower base of 1000-5000 on their social media handles are considered as nano influencers. They hold a small community of people who have similar interest and consider the choices or idea of that particular individual.

Why nano influencers are booming as the new hype? Forbes has the perfect reasoning. Considering the follower base and influence of the individual, these influencers are more approachable and trustable. They are easily available for various queries with respect to a brand and product/service. They serve as the best brand advocates as they have the time on their hands to talk to people when they demand it.

A study from Nelson (Nielsen 2015) shows that 83% of the respondents trust the recommendations of friends and family, 83% also take action when recommended by near and dear ones. Therefore, peer-recommendation is the key to driving action. Nano-influencers are recognized to be knowledgeable in their field and can produce authentic and organic content based on true experiences while having time to interact with the audience in person.

With endless reasons for benefits, nano influencers are the new shift for Instagram Entrepreneurs. They are “everyday people” who are passionate about a particular brand and usually post about their authentic experiences. Looking forward to contracting an influencer? Well, you know whom to look at for collaborations.

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