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Things You Need to Know About Criticism on Social Media

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The trouble with most brands and individuals is, they would rather be consumed by praise than be saved by criticism. The idea of criticism is to be pointed out with a new or rectified perspective of what you may find productive. Criticism is a direct way of analyzing and disapproving of an idea or outcome with a difference of perspective. Therefore, criticism isn’t bad; the way you deal with it will take you places. While people do their bit of sharing their disagreement, we as individuals or brand must focus more on the fact that the same critical comments will help you rectify the glitches.

Social media out of all the places makes it easy for people to share their thoughts and views. Social media platforms give them a channel to speak up their mind without thinking twice. Since open channels have enabled easy access to criticism, brand pages and verified pages have realized the power of reputation management. Social Media Criticism directly affects the online reputation of the brand. Considering the universal stage that social media provides, brands have considered Online Reputation Management a.k.a ORM as a serious business. Monitoring every comment, reaction or inquiry, brand pages have made it a point to not let any positive or negative impression go unnoticed.

With progressing times, brands have developed the patience to deal with negative and positive remarks professionally. They have come to peace with the fact that ‘what people think of your brand’ matters as much as how much they accept your brand. Social media platforms may have made it accessible for open criticism by the end user, it has also given brands an easy platform to clear the air and be accessible for its people. They can now reach individuals directly rather than looking and searching for mediums. While someone comments on a post or responds on a particular offering, brands can directly revert back to pacify their haters and solve queries.

While some brands or professionals still choose to ignore social media and deny seeing the benefits of having a professional page, some brands go to an extent of hiring a marketing team to keep a track of every single page notification. Personalities even hire individuals to keep up with the pace of fan base interaction and updates. When individuals create a personal attack on the brand over social media, it is ideal and necessary both for a brand to respond to the comment or reaction. Why? Well because the world is watching the page and any negative comment can be influencing someone’s buying decision. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that brands keep a close professional eye on the audience interaction. A genuine conversation must be made by the brand with its people to give them a personalized feeling. And the baseless trolls can always be banned from the page.

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