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7 Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

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–  93% of B2B businesses use content marketing.

–  Only 5% feel that their efforts are very effective.

–   And an estimated 50% of all content is going completely unused.

Content marketing stands as the core for all marketing agencies. With time progressing, every agency has concluded that the content generated helps grasp engagement. The key is to understand and outlay the most relevant content considering what your audience wants to read. Content consumption rate makes it evident as to how much of your generated content relates to your audience. Every year, marketing professionals make it a point to forecast a certain set of trends that will be foreseen in the coming year. Similarly, the upcoming content marketing trends for 2019 have made it to the list. Some of them are as follows:

A. New Formats

Ideally, the concept of content is restricted to written materials. People usually relate content with literature and miss out on other formats. Any form of message delivery is content and the same can be done through various mediums. The idea of talking about a brand is how your content will be shaped but, whether the message will be delivered through a video, a manuscript or audio is that can be experimented with. This year, brands are likely to choose unconventional or rather untested formats for content execution. The key way for content marketers to go about it is to learn how every content format can be delivered to the audience in the most effective way.

B. Marketing Plan

For a very long time, marketers worked on campaigns without a proper structured strategical approach. After a great deal of time, it is understood that content marketing without a strategy is like running a bus without knowing the direction. For a content marketing to be effective and successful, the standard process must be followed. This covers ideation, content strategy, execution and monitoring campaigns. A marketing plan is a roadmap for a successful campaign. Marketing plans are built over the understanding of various factors such as the demographics, geography, interest, needs and demands and a lot of other factors. Content marketing plays a crucial role in delivering and retaining the requirements of the target audience.

C. No Click Baits

Did you know that 78% of consumers say that personally, relevant content increases their purchase intent?

Your content needs to be original and relevant, that is the only marketing rule. Create original and relevant content. Build new ideas. Focus on writing and engaging rather than pulling people from a sales point-of-view. Sales persuasion doesn’t work any longer. Content marketing is a powerful tool and must be used to penetrate through relevance rather than driving simply sales. Click-bait was a big thing in the initial days of marketing, not now. The audience has become smart and understands how marketing works. That is where relevant content comes in the picture. People will now only click on your ads if what they see is of their benefit. So considering the new shift in the content marketing frontier, it is ideal that we shift the purpose f our content from sales to relevance.

D. Micro-Influencers

2018 was ruled by influencers and all sorts of strategies that involved them.  It was the year of influencers. It’s time that the trend changes with the year gone by. New marketing theories suggest that robot influencers will be launched. While the first of it’s kind has already been launched in the UAE, the rest of the world is still making their advances.

A marketing report in contrary also suggests how robo-influencers will be a fad and not a trend. They may be hype as they launch but since the personalized or rather humanized feel is missing, the human influencers will come back in the picture. Considering how approachable micro-influencers are, that is where the influencer trend is heading.

In 2019, the question you must now ask is, ‘What is the difference between Influencers and Micro-Influencers?’, ‘Who are Micro-Influencers and how they are beneficial?’

E. Voice Control (therefore keywords are important)

With software updating, even the technology is. Just like phones advanced from buttoned to touch screen, search engines and other platforms have advanced from typing to voice recognition. Various home devices have been introduced to the humankind that helps them sort their lives but are voice enabled. Similarly, 2019 seems to be the year where keywords will play a crucial role and voice control will be a widely accepted form of command.

F. Storytelling

The idea of content was restricted to specific tonality and purpose. Just like things in marketing and advertising have advanced, so has the way towards content marketing. The creative outlook of things is changing the idea of content consumption.  Content unlike before can now be more than just persuasive and sales kind. One of the upcoming trends looks to be storytelling. It has been followed by various big brands to stand in the list of favorites, now it could be widely accepted for branding purposes. Content marketers must go beyond just regular concepts of content.

G. Data Driven

So far, marketing was partially driven by insights and partially by assumptions.  Data was a very small part unless direct marketing was concerned. However, with changing trends, data soon seems to be taking up a crucial chunk of marketing. Everything now is data-driven. Companies have found it to be of a lot of help considering the way it helps direct targeting. Content marketing along with the help of data can cater and serve to a strategically penetrated market. In 2019, data will the bible for all major marketing companies. It will not only help target the right target audience but also help save a lot of time and energy.

Content Marketing is a huge canvas and every marketer must explore the colors that can be used for painting the perfect campaign. 2019 seems to be the year of a lot of new things. It may change the way the marketing world works but, content will always be the axis around which marketing will rotate. Considering how things are progressing, we must not just stop our functioning till simply generating and executing content, our main aim must be beyond it. Mari Smith smartly quoted, “Content is the king, engagement is the queen, and lady runs the house.”

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