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2019 Videos: Best Video Marketing Trends for the Year

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Videos are definitely not what they used to be. Today, a video maybe shot for entertainment, guidance, selling and advertising, educating, reference and so much more. The very aspect that this method is able to converse so much and is loved by people all over the world makes it a hot pick in the world of marketing.

Videos of today don’t have to be complex, or include animations or a strong storyline, something that is well-conceived and thought of is good enough! Further, the additions like sound, creation, and content take it a notch higher. All in all, videos are perhaps the easiest and most effective way to reach out to your mass audience to push a product, company or spread a message.

With the New Year, strategies have changed, marketing has progressed and its components are different too! So what better way to target video marketing than the best ones for the year?


Here are a few great ones that you can actually implement in your digital and social media marketing plan to get the best out of it! Take a look:

1. Heard about “vlogging”?

Video blogs or vlogging is something most people love to try their hands at. Since the concept is supposed to be simple and cost-effective, it reaches your audience in the best manner, making it a great video marketing trend.

Tip: Keep your vlogs ‘casual and slightly unprofessional’ perhaps something like giving your audience a sneak-peak of behind-the-scenes or short messages from your team etc. These simple ways gain major attention, adding to visibility.

2. 360° videos are interesting and realistic:

Although the 360° video trend is something that has made all travel companies go ga-ga over it, it’s really a boon for every marketer out there! Nothing gets better than making the viewer feel he is physically present at a place simply through technology and this concept works on similar lines. These work amazingly well for promotions and sales and should be used more frequently.


3. Influencer video marketing works best for firms:

A survey recently revealed that peer references have a 70% positive effect on millennial consumers when it comes to making key purchase decisions. Along with taking all the customers who love the influencer under your marketing view, going big on influencers also show that you take your marketing seriously enough to spend a bomb on it. This raises a trust factor and works in more than one way to attract an audience.

4. Live videos attract audiences:

There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone live in action and being able to witness it from any place in the world. This may also involve sharing of thoughts and ideas through a way of conversing while the individual is live on a video. Social media can take live streaming to a whole new ball game.

5. Short videos:

If you’re a newbie or if video marketing is not your thing, starting with short videos can be a good choice. Go with your instincts or research to check out something that’s important and isn’t being highlighted – that’s your story!

6. Educational and how-to videos for better understanding:

It may happen that a good number of services that you’re offering or even your products maybe unusual or their actual importance maybe unknown to many. To take care of this, why not go for educational videos or something that speaks about general know-how of your offerings? With this, your audience will know that you go beyond just selling and secondly, those who are confused also come in terms with it.


7. Learn the tricks for wallet-friendly videos:

Videos don’t necessarily have to make a hole in your pocket if you know the tricks – focus on what you want to draw attention to, use apps that make the video quality better, a great phone/camera to capture and a hint of imagination and creativity to put it all together! There, you have a good video and it didn’t cost a whole lot of moolah either!

So with these in place, the next thing to get down to is some in-depth and structured research. The more one spends time on this, the easier it becomes to adapt to new technology, making the videos look better in various aspects. Even if you’re a newbie, a few good points will definitely help you get going in the right direction!

Another important aspect to remember when it comes to creating videos is to keep it simple, informative and resourceful. Without considering the end effect of what the email should have on your audience is not the best way to go about with it, so always weight your pros and cons before pushing it ahead. With these handy tips in place, your video marketing is definite to become the ‘next big thing’ in 2019!

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