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6 High Performing Video Content Options for LinkedIn

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If you are one of those who is head deep into social media marketing you must know that video content is consumed 4 times more than readable content. People these days like to look more into portable content such as podcasts and videos rather than just blogs and articles. Not only is video content widely accepted by the people but also the social media platforms have an algorithm of supporting and pushing video content more than any other form of content. The most preferred and suggested method of increasing the page reach organically is to post more of video content. Be it any platform, every social media page has the algorithm of accelerating the reach of the page through video content first.

There is a social media platform for every target result. Every social media serves a different purpose and therefore must have a different set of KPI when it comes to expecting results. Every platform works as a brand advocate for brands. Similarly, when it comes to a professional approach and skill exhibition, LinkedIn works as the perfect place for branding the brand’s caliber. While other platforms serve a different purpose in terms of branding, the LinkedIn audience expects a professional approach towards everything. What once started as a portal for job search has now become a network of the world’s greatest professionals.

Considering the audience strength and their professional approach, here are a few video content topics that perform well on LinkedIn:

Industry Insight Videos

LinkedIn is full of professional insights. The network of professionals mainly likes to dig their heads into everything that is related to their domain. They like to keep a tab of what has been brewing in the industry. The workaholic ones make the most of such industry insights. Videos about meaningful insights can help your content perform well. Professionals on LinkedIn are all into what is going on within the industry and therefore a video content on industry insights can perform well.

Trending News Videos

The community on LinkedIn is the one who can be easily termed as work addicts or people who are passionate about work. They hold the capacity to dig gold and go bankrupt over any current affair within or outside their domain. This news could be a good one speaking of growth in stock prices or as bad as a ban on some product or shut down of some company. Videos based on trending affairs of the industry or outside the industry are always beneficial in grabbing attention.

How To Videos

The professional enthusiasts on LinkedIn are always eager to learn. Be it a simple hack of how you thread your needle and save 2 seconds or as complex as or as complex as rocket science, they would love to watch and learn from it. ‘How To’ videos enable them to enrich their basic knowledge bank and everyone on LinkedIn wants to be a ‘Know All About’ person when it comes to skills. Well, that is one selling point of the platform itself; it allows you to showcase skills so why not learn a few through a smart video.

Event Videos

Professionals on LinkedIn like to see which company is more employee-centric and which company is industry/revenue centric. They enjoy both sets of company views equally. With event videos, you not only give your brand an approachable brand perspective but also create a ground for PR and MR. The more the event videos, the more media, and sponsors’ would help extend a helping hand for your branding. Event videos above all strike interest in the mass making your company look highly employee-centric.

Company Insight Videos

While professionals look out for jobs, there are different companies who are looking out for potential business opportunities. Your video content over the company insight will help you create grounds for the world to know how you are progressing and also what your company has to offer. The ones looking out for a job change to look up to your company and the ones who wish to potentially and positively wish to make business see the growth and be in awe even before they make business.

Story Telling

Brands have forgotten the art of storytelling when it comes to creating engaging content and conveying meaningful insights or messages. When you create videos that convey messages via story, you engage your reader for more than just 3 seconds (an ideal span of attention on social media). Storytelling not only helps convey your message creatively, but it also brings more engagement resulting in higher page visits and increased reach for your brand. Remember, storytelling today is not an art; it is a necessity for higher engagement.

LinkedIn above all platforms support insightful and smart content. Make the use of videos to help accelerate your reach and enhance your business growth with the help of clever content. When you decide to make readable content for your brand, ask yourself, can this be converted into a video instead? Make the most of the algorithm for your business.

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