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Augmented Reality and its Future

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Imagine a world of your imagination. A world full of desired possibilities. A place where whatever you wished for came true. Well, that is what Augmented Reality is all about. Widely referred to as AR, Augmented Reality is a technological advancement where visual creations can be created within your environment. Augmented Reality creates an interactive experience for the user making every experience surreal. AR is basically a technologically advanced form of reality where live, direct or indirect views of real-world environments are augmented with computer-generated images over a user’s view of the real-world, thus enhancing one’s current perception of reality over virtual.

People generally get confused between Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). There is a major difference between the two. The same has been explained over the info graphic and practical examples below. A detailed brief can be drawn from the same.

Augmented Reality (AR): Augmented Reality is the creation of advanced visual creations within the real environment of the viewer.

For Eg: A Snapchat filter that adds a mustache or a puppy nose and ears to your face while you click a selfie is the perfect example of Augmented Reality.

Virtual Reality (VR): Virtual Reality is basically creating an entirely visual experience from the scratch that has nothing to do with your actual environment.

For Eg: A video game that allows you to play in the barren fields or desserts at one level and in another level it gives you challenges that are based in a rainforest. These kinds of visual representations of images that have nothing to do with your surrounding is called virtual reality.


Augmented Reality is now becoming the most sought after thing. Various industries have widely accepted and tried to incorporate the concept of AR. Be it entertainment, advertising, medical or hospitality, every domain has leveled up their game with AR. Entertainment and gaming being the first one to have come up with a commonly accepted game of ‘Pokémon Go’, the social media agents used AR for making Snapchat a hit. The advertising industry started with drinkable commercials (by Coca Cola) and shareable infrared coupons (by Shazam). While every industry did their bit, the education industry used 3D AR modules to help children learn biology and history. The hospitality industry used AR to mobile scan location pins and events that were happening around in the frame of your device. No matter the cost AR bears, it definitely holds a thing for the masses. It is not only implemented by many, but the effects and engagement are also widely accepted as well.

With progressing times, the marketing sector has come up with various advances in terms of Augmented Reality. The question that arises is, do we consider AR as the next big thing on all social media platforms? The question isn’t tough to answer. With the invention of Snapchat filters and the popularity of the app as a result of the filters, there is a high scope of other platforms hitting the chase for Augmented Reality. There is much scope of inventions that can set new standards for digital marketers. The time for progressive change and acceptance is now and every domain is widely accepting and incorporating it.

All of the Augmented Reality facts must bring up the question as to how is AR beneficial? Or rather, what are the advantages of Augmented Reality? What does it hold for a marketer? Well, the best answer to this is the IKEA Catalogue and the drinkable commercial by Coca Cola, two of the world’s biggest companies. IKEA came up with an AR Catalogue that helped people decide which piece of furniture would look good in which corner of the house. While retails and other domains did their bit to grab attention, Coca Cola came up with a drinkable commercial that triggered a good amount of traction. This leads us to believe that if the world’s biggest companies can incorporate AR into marketing with their products, so can other brands. All you need to do is think smart and work harder.

Speaking so much about progressive methods that the brands and industries have come up with, there is more to AR than simply graphical representations. There is a scope for a lot many things than just creating filters on social media. Carl Sagan rightly said, “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” Therefore, with the world advancing at a speed of a bullet, it is time we explore our options and find ways to put technology to use for optimum utilization of resources and ideas. 

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