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Why Relationship Marketing should be your Next Move

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Relationship marketing focuses not on transactions but rather on experience.

Brands are spending a humongous amount of money on CRM software and don’t yet have a sound understanding of customer relationships.

When it comes to business, relationships decide your success to an incredible extent. These are the entire foundation on which your business is built and stands strong on.

You need relationships to retain your clients. Customer retention demonstrates you’re not just another seller; it shows you deliver value that people come for time and again. It’s one of the most important business metrics to gauge the effectiveness of a brand.


The Importance of Customer Retention


Source- Crazy Egg


What is Relationship Marketing and Why you need it?

Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to foster robust and long-lasting relationships with your customers. This type of marketing builds brand loyalty, boosts customer satisfaction, and gets you bigger deals and more referrals!

People want to do business with brands that are honest and transparent. For business you don’t want a quick sale, what you really want is a long-term customer base.

Relationship marketing gives a much needed emotional touch to your brand. It helps your clients see what you’re worth and they don’t mind paying more for the value you’re delivering.


Business value vs personal value for relationship marketing


Source- Neil Patel


How Can You Do It

Personalization is a big player in the sport of relationship marketing. People don’t want to know they are getting treated just like the rest of the world. To make them stick with you, you need to make them feel special.

You need to tell more stories, especially the ones that your audience loves. Stories strike the chords with people like a professional violin player does with her instrument. Stories build trust and customer loyalty.

Relationship marketing is looking at the bigger picture. This gives you a competitive advantage. Because of the strong relationship you have with your clientele, they are much more likely to do business with you regardless of all your competitor’s marketing gimmicks.

customers value good customer experiencesSource- Super Office


Talk to your customers.  Take their suggestions and feedback because one unpleasant experience is enough for your customers to move to your competition. Make them feel their inputs matter, and their satisfaction is what truly matters to your business.

Engage your audience. Go where your audience is, choose the right platforms. Segment your audience when you’re using email to reach out to them. If you’re using, create space for a two-way conversation. Let them engage with your brand. Create different communication strategies to connect to them on a deeper level.


Key Takeaways

A business that can make a positive impact in its customers’ lives doesn’t have to worry about what the future holds. Don’t look at your customers as another sale; look at them as people. People who can turn into your brand evangelist if you just give them what they deserve, or maybe, a little more!

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