Curiosity gap- Keep your customers engaged

Curiosity gap: Keep your customers engaged

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Your marketing efforts need to spark just the right amount of curiosity- nothing more, nothing less. Why is moderation the key here? Because if the curiosity is too low, people won’t be interested. On the other hand, if your brand triggers more curiosity than necessary, it might leave your audience perplexed.

Implementing a curiosity gap in your marketing strategy

Implementing a curiosity gap in your marketing strategy will help you hit the nail on the head. Here is what you need to know about it to take your marketing to next level-

High tech vs high touch

In an exceedingly technical world, businesses have started losing human touch. We all want to keep abreast of all the technical advancements and innovation to stay ahead and win but without human connection, we cannot do that. Business will always be about relationships and no technology (however great and mind-blowing) can take the place of a human connection.

a human hand and a machine hand connecting

Pique Interest

Obviously we don’t endorse clickbait (we hate it too) but catchy headlines and appealing sentence openers get your emails opened and your articles read. Point to be noted here- Don’t give away too much. Just let them know enough to trigger interest and take action. This is also “the key” element of a strong Call to Action (CTA).

Pique Interest

Tap into Creativity

In the era of connectivity, most marketers think to get your message heard, you need to spend more. Well, that’s not true because you know what stands out? Creativity! When everyone is talking about the same stuff (literally!), don’t be afraid to come up with something new, something original. Don’t just follow the herd, be a trailblazer and a trendsetter.

Tap into Creativity

See the bigger picture

The mistake we as marketers make is looking at things with a tunnel vision. We do everything to make this thing work out right now, simply chasing the monthly and quarterly goals. Look at the bigger picture; figure out how everything you do will add up to one big thing, like the Scottish proverb “Take care of your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves.” That is the goal of marketing in its truest sense.

See the bigger picture - two people shaking hands

This is the Psychology of scarcity- we don’t like feeling deprived. In fact, this particular feeling of deprivation gives birth to desire. The curiosity gap is the bridge between what we know right now and what we want to know. Using it for compelling marketing can prove to be super effective but only when you deliver what you promise.

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