Marketing in the Digital Age

Marketing in the Digital Age

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From Real- time marketing to gamification, most facets of marketing have changed. Welcome to the digital age! We have seen it all- the shift from product-centric marketing to customer centric marketing- the power shift from brand to consumer. The digital age hasn’t just changed marketing but more importantly, it has transformed the market as well.

Coming straight to the point, marketing is never going to be the way it was done a couple years back, in fact, you cannot even be certain if it would stay the same 2 years from now. So, what do we do? We only have one option to stay ahead in the game- keep up with the trends; evolve and grow in a state of constant flux.

Here is all that you need to know to be an intelligent marketer in the digital era-

Permission Marketing


You can’t just barge in with an email anymore. It is RUDE. Consumers are very possessive about their email, contact and other personal information now. If you try to bombard them with messages without taking prior consent, you are sure to get reported as SPAM.

A smart way to communicate your marketing messages is obviously to take permission beforehand. This is constructive for you as a brand too because your marketing efforts will be more successful when they reach people who are genuinely interested!

Brand Positioning

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It’s not just a tagline! Of course it isn’t. It represents your brand; it represents what you stand for. How we position our brand is exactly how our audience is going to perceive it, so we’d better be good at it! Saying brands are more important than ever would not be an exaggeration because with a strong brand, sky is the limit.

Choose your brand name, logo and other identities wisely because a strong brand identity demonstrates recognition and builds loyalty. Before you send your message to your audience, you need to be extremely clear with what you want to communicate. Now convey the same message at all the levels- be coherent.  Speak your truth!

Integrating Digital with Traditional

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This is the game-changer! People think it is all going to shift online and they couldn’t be more wrong.  The truth is people now in the digital age crave human touch more than ever! This is the only reason why big online brands like Amazon are opening brick and mortar stores.  Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company, why would it decide to go the traditional way?

Because digital is here to stay and so is traditional! A perfect blend of traditional and digital is the recipe for success! Sure social media is powerful and is a great way to communicate to your audience and run your business but that doesn’t make personal- one to one human communication any less worth!

To succeed in today’s world, you just don’t need people to know about your brand; you need to build a cult-like following. “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” — Steve Jobs

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